i-Futurz (Dalian) Co., Ltd.

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大连市, China

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Activities :

Manufacturer / Processor, Specialist wholesaler

2 Certifications

Organic agriculture Europe


Organic agriculture USA


15 Products categories

Plants and derived products 11

Aquatic plants and derivatives

Cereals, grains, dried vegetables and derived products

Coffee / Tea / Cacao / Substitutes

Forest products

Fruits, nuts, vegetables and derived products

Oils, vegetable fats and derived products

Oleaginous and protein plants

Plant Derivatives

Spices, aromatic and medicinal plants

Sugar, Syrup, molasses and derivatives

Vegetable extracts

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Drinks 1

Soft drinks

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Cosmetic product 1


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Food preparations 1

Snacks and cooked meals

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Ingredients, additives and processing aids for food preparations 1

Additives and processing aids

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